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Creating an order for a recorded video

Log into the Portal

Log into the Portal.

  • If you’re not registered for an account yet, click here to get started.
  • If you are signing in for the first time, you should be led to the ‘Account Selector’ page.

Under ‘Recorded Video’select ‘Order Now’. Otherwise, toggle from the default ‘My Orders’ tab to ‘Order Now’ in the top right of your screen.

Screen shot of Live and Recorded portal tabs

Upload your media

There are three options for selecting your media:

  • uploading from your computer
  • pasting links
  • pulling videos from linked accounts

Screen shot of 'Add Files' page showing upload methods

To upload files directly from your computer, click the green Upload button. From here, you can either drag and drop your files or locate the files on your desktop. Once selected, your files will automatically start uploading. This could take several minutes, depending on the quantity and size of your files.
Paste Link
For media files from websites, select Paste. You can paste multiple URLs into the dialogue box, making sure to paste only one link per line. Where the media name is unavailable, you can set your own identifier for that file.
From Linked Account
If you have linked your Kaltura account with your customer account, selecting this option will display a window containing all uploaded video files within that integrated account. screen shot of the list of Kaltura videos from a linked account

Toggle through the pages or use the Search box at the top of the screen to find your required videos. Check the boxes next to the files you would like to order, and then click Done to upload.

Once you have selected your media, uploads will be listed on the ‘Add Files’ page. You can remove any unnecessary files from your list by clicking the red cross, or continue to add new ones.

When all desired files are uploaded, click ‘Next’ to choose your products.

Add tags

You can add tags to your files in the ‘Add Files’ page. Type over the ‘Add Tag’ text to add this identifier to your file. These can also be applied in bulk using the box directly above the tag column.

You might like to tag your file with a university unit code, a project reference or the like. You can use these to label or keep track of your orders with search functionality in your ‘My Orders’ page.

Select your products 

The ‘My Order’ page allows you to select your products, as well as any upgrades. Hover your curser over the information icon to see information about quality options and extras. Click here for detailed product information, including quality and turnaround times.

  • To choose your products, click the relevant check boxes of what you would like to order. Your total will build with every additional product or add-on. If you aren’t too sure what a particular product is, you can click the info icon for further information.
  • The ‘File Details’ drop-down provides the details about uploaded media. If you notice you’ve forgotten to attach a file, you can click the red ‘Back’ button to return to the ‘Add Files’ screen at any time.

Click ‘Next’ to progress with your order.

Screen shot of 'Quality Options' in customer order

The second screen prompts you to select your order quality. The default option is Standard, which will not increase the cost of your order. You can also choose to have your product reviewed by a second captioner or transcriber. This will be reflected in your total. Click Next once complete.
Need your order back sooner? You can customise the turnaround time for a product depending on the urgency. If you select a faster turnaround, the pricing will be reflected in your Total. Note: Some products may have a default turnaround time.

Finalise your order

You will be lead to the ‘Order Summary’ window to review and submit your order.

The left-hand side of the screen displays the summary details, while the right displays payment information.

  • If you hold an enterprise account, this payment information will not display, as you’ll receive a monthly invoice instead.

Screen shot of 'Order Summary' in customer orderIf you need to make any changes, or remove any files from your order, click the red Edit button.

Click ‘Submit Order’ to complete the process.

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Updated on June 1, 2018

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