Dashboard personalisation

Your Dashboard is personalised with tasks that you can confidently complete to a high standard. This means that tasks which are visible to you may not be visible to other agents, and vice versa. This ensures the right work is going to the right person, resulting in fewer reworks.

Clients and work types are grouped broadly into Basic, Standard, High and Premium categories. New agents starting out on the Community Portal will have access to Standard work types, with the opportunity to qualify for High and Premium work as they progress. These categories are based on technical competencies, like timing or blocking, and aggregate performance scores.

Moving up the ranks

At Ai-Media, we believe high-quality work should be rewarded. We want to ensure you always have opportunities to learn and develop so that you can grow with Ai-Media and upskill while you work. This allows you to complete more complex work types at a higher base pay rate.

The type of tasks available to you are informed by the results of performance checks and QA data. Agents who consistently meet deadlines, complete a high volume of tasks, consistently pass QA and have high performance scores may be eligible to have their account upgraded. This means gaining access to work from more clients and opportunities to be signed off to complete new work types. If tasks are not being submitted to Ai-Media’s quality expectations, if they are not consistently passing QA or if they are not meeting deadlines, agents may lose access to work from particular clients and some work types. The process of gaining and losing access to work types is automatic and cannot be adjusted manually by members of Online Support.

Updated on July 30, 2020

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