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Duplicating Dragon profiles

It is useful for all captioners to have at least two Dragon profiles – one for live broadcast and one for transcription, which can also be used for Ai-Live captioning.

You may also wish to create separate profiles for broadcast news, sports, Simple Text or livestream captioning.

Creating a duplicate profile in Dragon

Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to create another Dragon profile.

1.       Open your Dragon profile. Export your Dragon profile to an easily findable place on your hard drive, preferably where you usually export it to.

2.       Duplicate this copy of your profile in this folder (copy and paste in the same folder). Rename the two profiles so you have something like:

John Smith Ai-Live            – and –                         John Smith Simple Text

If you can access the ‘<Default>’ location for your Dragon profile, move these two folders to this location. (This is different for specific versions of Dragon and Otherwise, you can import them into Dragon them from the place where you have just exported them. Just be careful if you are moving around different copies of your profile that have the same name.

From now on, train and use the appropriate profile for the software you are using at the time.

3.       In your new profile, open the Vocabulary Editor and change the drop-down menu at the bottom so that it displays ‘Custom words only’. Get rid of any entries that may cause trouble. Modify the formatting settings of all your punctuation so that, e.g., the full stop attaches to the previous word and capitalises the following word.

(This vocab will be retained in the other copy of your profile.

4.       Save user profile.

You now have one established Dragon profile for Ai-Live captioning and a new one with all the same voice training in it, but a different set of macros and punctuation formatting for Simple Text captioning.

Updated on January 14, 2019

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