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Ai-Media is a global business with clients across the world. Depending on where they are based, different clients have different expectations around how words should be spelt. It is important to check the Task Details page on the Community Portal to ensure you understand which variation of English spelling is required for each task, and to modify your transcription accordingly.

Understanding language requirements on the Community Portal

The English spelling variation required for each task can be found on the Task details page. Please make sure to format your spelling accordingly, especially if you are working on a task from a High or Premium level client.

The input and output langauge can be found on the Community Portal under the task details subheading.

The input or source language refers to the language any supporting documents are in, if the task has supporting documents. The output or target language refers to the variation of English that the task needs to be captioned or transcribed in. Below are some examples.

en is our default variation. Please use Australian/British English.
en-US refers to American English spelling.

en-GB refers to British English spelling.
en-CA refers to Canadian English spelling.

Spelling differences

Our default spelling is Australian English, which uses the same spelling as British English. American English spelling is different. Generally speaking, American English is often more phonetic than British English – that is, it is spelt more like the word sounds. Canadian English uses spelling variations from both British and American English.

If you are unsure about how a word should be spelt according to a task’s region, please ensure you verify it by searching for the correct spelling on Google. Lukemastin.com provides an excellent dictionary where you can easily search for words. Below are some common suffixes that vary between British and American spelling.

United States
Updated on February 3, 2023

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