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Formatting Scribblr transcripts

When a transcription order has been made on Ai-Media’s Scribblr platform, there are some additional steps you must follow when completing your file. If you claim a task that has been ordered via Scribblr, in the Supporting Materials section of your task there will be a document labelled  “Scribblr+Template”.  

When you have completed your transcript, download the template from the Community Portal and paste your text into the blank downloaded document. Alternatively, you can open the template and transcribe directly into the new document.

Transcripts that have been ordered via Scribblr have specific requirements, outlined in the Notes field on your task. These include generic speaker labels, font and other aspects of formatting your document. Please ensure that you have followed these guidelines in your file. Once this has been completed, save the template with your completed transcription as a .docx file. 

Updated on September 9, 2020

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