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Getting started with Ai-Live (Universities and Colleges)

The only CART Platform designed
for Universities and Colleges

Delivering access long after the lecture has finished.

We built our CART platform Ai-Live from the ground up to make it effortless for both students and accessibility support practitioners to create access to university and college content.

You can book our CART services for an entire semester. We deliver real-time captions and transcripts for each student through their individual Ai-Live portal. No need to download or upload anything, we’ll integrate into your system to make the process seamless and hassle-free.

Ai-Live is designed to never interfere with the student’s lecture. We simply need to hear what’s being said. Ai-Live integrates seamlessly with all major web streaming platforms and lecture capture systems allowing for remote access by our captioners.

Our captioners create live captions remotely, which are then delivered directly via any internet web browser to the students laptop, tablet or smartphone without the need to download any software.

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Accessibility Staff Member Guide

Make bookings

Send us your student’s semester schedule and we make all the bookings for you. Once we have received your student’s schedule we will set you and the student up with individual Ai-Live user accounts. This will allow you to view, modify and cancel bookings.

View bookings

To view all of your student’s completed and future sessions, just log in to the Ai-Live portal with your username and password and click the “See all sessions” button.

Modify a booking

To modify a booking, just select the “Bookings” tab in the Ai-Live portal, and then click “Modify Booking”. Fill out the form, making sure to include the Booking Reference Number or Session ID and modifications you wish to make.

Cancel a booking

To cancel a booking, click the “Bookings” tab in the Ai-Live portal and then click “Cancel Booking”. Fill out the form making sure to include the corresponding Booking Reference Number or Session ID.

Student’s Guide

Logging in

Navigate to www.ai-live.com/sign-in and log in using the Username and Password you have been provided by Student Support Services.

Accessing an Ai-Live Session

To access your CART session, click on the green “Quick Join” button at the top of the Ai-Live portal homepage. In the session, you can communicate with the captioner through the chat panel.

Downloading your Transcript

To download your transcript, click the “Transcripts” button and re-enter your password. You can then download transcripts of previous sessions as a PDF or Word Doc.

Lecturer’s Guide

Preparation is Key.

Send us lecture slides and key terms to north.america@ai-media.tv in advance of your lecture to assist our captioners and improve the accuracy of the captioning. Your materials remain confidential and are your sole intellectual property.

We need to hear you.

Do a quick check before your lecture starts to ensure the microphone is turned on. Use the lectern microphone or lapel microphone when available. If using a lectern microphone, stand near the lectern so your voice can be recorded. If using a lapel microphone, ensure the microphone is placed free from contact with clothing or jewelry, as this would interfere with audio quality. Please repeat students’ questions so that the captioner can caption these. Speak clearly and at a steady, natural pace at all times. If you need any assistance with audio set up, contact the college audio team.

Tech Team Guide


In order for us to create captions, we need an audio source. Use a lectern or lapel microphone for the lecturer, which can be connected to us via a phone, web and tele-conferencing software (such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx), or the preferred learning management system of the college.  Get in touch with us to discuss audio solutions: north.america@ai-media.tv


In order for a student to receive captions, they need a reliable internet connection. For this reason, a wired internet connection via an Ethernet cable is strongly recommended. However, a wireless internet connection is generally reliable enough to use Ai-Live. Note that Wi-Fi connections can drop out on occasion, causing the captions to stop streaming. In this instance, the Ai-Live browser page simply needs to be refreshed.


Captions are easily accessible via the Ai-Live webpage. This means captions can be displayed on any web-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can also connect a projector or television via HDMI or VGA to a laptop to display captions for the whole class.

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Updated on July 4, 2019

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