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How do I transcribe dialogue in another language?

Transcribing foreign or Indigenous languages is crucial to conveying the full meaning of a file. Like sound effects, these are always formatted in capital letters with round brackets.

  • If the speakers switch into another language, use (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE).
  • If the language is clearly identifiable and you know what it is, you can use specific terms eg. (SPEAKS FRENCH), (SPEAKS ITALIAN). Only identify the language if you are certain you have the right language. If you are unsure, please use (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE).

Even if you understand or speak the relevant language, do not attempt to caption or translate large parts of foreign dialogue. If it is a common phrase or word, such as ‘C’est la vie’, ‘la dolce vita’, ‘bon appetit’then it should be verified and captioned.

What do I do if a task isn’t in English?

If you claim a task that does not contain any English audio, the task will need to be reported to Offline Support so it can be removed from the portal. If you are using the Captioner Portal, please ensure that you report blank audio. If you are using the Community Portal, please report a problem.

Updated on May 19, 2021

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