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How Do I Edit My Transcription Order?

Once your Recorded Media file has been transcribed, you can view your Transcript and make any changes you’d like using our Transcript Editor.

Transcript Editor Features

The Transcript Editor allows you to:

  • View your media and transcript
  • Run a spell check on your transcript
  • Edit the text of the transcript

Launch the Editor

To start editing one of your transcribed files, navigate to your My Orders page and find the file you’d like to edit. You can then click the yellow Edit button to launch into our Transcript Editor to read your transcript or make any changes.

How to Use the Editor

All the Transcript Editor controls can be seen to the left of the editor at all times.

Your media file can be played and controlled on the left, and your transcript can be read and edited on the right.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake – you can always click Revert to Original to undo any changes you’ve made to your transcript.

Once you’re done editing your transcript, click Save & Exit to save your file and return to your My Orders list. When you download your file using the Download button, you’ll get a file with your personal edits!

Updated on November 2, 2018

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