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How to: Fix overlapping segments in Scripta

Timed Transcription tasks require start and end timestamps for segments. All Timed Transcription tasks come with automatically generated timestamps that you don’t need to edit. The only exception is for any new segments that you create which have default timestamps of 00:00:00. You need to set timestamps for these segments, making sure they match up with the audible dialogue in the file.

Timestamps need to be in chronological order. The start timestamp of any segment cannot be earlier than the end timestamp of the previous segment. Likewise, the end timestamp of a segment cannot be later than the start timestamp of the next segment.

What should you do if you have overlapping timestamps?

If any segments in your TimedTranscription task are overlapping, you will not be able to submit the task. An error message may pop up when you click Complete in Scripta. A longer error message will appear when you click Submit Completed Task from the Task Details page. This error message will tell you which timestamps are overlapping and need to be fixed.

  1. Navigate to the timestamp in the error message.
  2. Change timestamps as necessary using Esc and F2 on your keyboard.
  3. Scroll through the entire file to ensure all timestamps are in chronological order.
  4. Submit your task by clicking Complete in Scripta.

If you are still unable to submit the task, there may be an overlapping segment remaining. Click Submit Completed Task to find out where in the transcript the overlapping segment may be found.

If all else fails, please get in touch with Online Support via email, attaching any screenshots you may have.

Updated on February 9, 2021

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