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How to practice using Ooona

Ooona can only be launched by claiming a task on Community Portal. To practice using Ooona, claim a task on Community Portal and launch Ooona. Take your time to try transcribing and timing your file. Make sure to keep the shortcuts handy!

Practice can be messy. If you’ve made some errors and don’t want to finish and submit your task, you will need to reset it before unclaiming, because any changes made while editing in Ooona are autosaved. This means that the captioner who claims the task next will be working off your lastest version. To reset the task, please follow the steps below.

Restoring tasks

Go to Project > Restore backup 

A menu will appear on the right. Select the oldest backup at the bottom of the list. In this example, it is the second entry.

This will restore your backup to the automatically generated text (ASR file). You’re now ready to close Ooona if you’ve finished practicing!

Unclaiming tasks

It is extremely important to unclaim the task you practiced with when you are finished so that another captioner can claim and complete it later. To do this, click ‘Unclaim Task’ in the right-hand corner of the task page. Pick the most relevant Unclaim Reason and hit UNCLAIM. This will navigate you back to the Dashboard page and the task will no longer appear on your Dashboard. 

Normally, tasks unclaimed after the 15-minute grace period are considered abandoned and may affect your reputation on the Community Portal. Please note that this does not apply to practice tasks. Take as long as you want to practice, but please make sure it’s in one sitting so that it does not have an effect on the task’s deadline. Happy practising!

Updated on September 10, 2020

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