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How to practice using Scripta

In order to get good at something, it’s important to practice, practice, practice! Making sure you take some time to get to know Scripta and how it works will help you become an even better transcriber.

Scripta can only be launched by claiming a Timed Transcription task on Community Portal. To practice using Scripta, claim a task on Community Portal and launch Scripta. Take your time to try editing your file and become familiar with time-stamping and speaker labelling. Make sure to keep the shortcuts handy!

Practice can be messy. If you’ve made some errors and don’t want to finish and submit your task, you will need to reset it before unclaiming. To reset the task, please follow the steps below.

Resetting tasks

Go to Reset at the top menu.

Press OK to reset the task.

This will reset the task. You can now close Scripta.

Unclaiming tasks

It is extremely important to unclaim the task you practised with when you are finished so that another transcriber can claim it. To do this, click ‘Unclaim Task’ in the right-hand corner of the task page on Community Portal. Pick ‘Unable to meet deadline’ and select ‘Unclaim’. Now the task will no longer appear on your Dashboard. 

Normally, tasks unclaimed after the 15-minute grace period are considered abandoned and may affect your reputation on the Community Portal. Please note that this does not apply to practice tasks. Just leave a comment before you unclaim letting us know that you were practising with the new tool.

Take as long as you want to practice, but please make sure it’s in one go so that it does not have an effect on the task’s deadline. For example, please do not claim a task only to go to sleep and continue practising in the morning, be mindful of the task’s due time. Happy practising!

Updated on June 30, 2022

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