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Milliseconds in Scripta

In July 2023, milliseconds were added to Scripta’s interface. Now it’s easier than ever to ensure segments are timed correctly by avoiding overlaps and short durations.

Current time stopwatch

The current time stopwatch at the top of the Scripta window helps to time segments more accurately. You can see what the media’s current time is before setting a start or end timestamp.


The ‘Offset’ button currently has no function. It was originally created for a specific use case that is not required at this point in time.

Segment duration

A common error message encountered in Scripta is that a segment is too short or too long. Most of the time, you will find that the segment is less than 0.7 seconds (700 milliseconds). For more information on resolving this error message, see the Scripta troubleshooting page.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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