Ooona basics

Have you ever launched Ooona and felt like a deer in the headlights? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when using Ooona because it has so many features and capabilities, but this is what makes it such a useful tool!  Below are some basics for getting started with Ooona.

Launching Ooona

Claim a task and launch Ooona. Follow the link to a video tutorial that will show you exactly how to do this. Remember that all tasks have automatically generated text (ASR) that you will always need to edit.

Editing caption blocks

The following tutorial video takes you through some basics of editing caption blocks.

Ooona is controlled with hotkeys that can take some getting used to. With a little practice and a cheat sheet, they’ll become muscle memory in no time. Many of our captioners write down the hotkeys they use most often on a piece of paper and keep it beside their computer so they can refer to it when needed.

Basic hotkeys
Move media forward 1 secondAlt + Shift
Move media back 1 secondCtrl + Shift
Navigate between captionsCtrl + up/down arrow keys
Add line breakEnter
Merge line breaksBackspace
Merge caption downCtrl + Backspace
Merge caption upCtrl + Delete
Split captionsShift + Enter
Add new caption blockCtrl + Enter
Set start sync timeHome
Start end sync timeEnd
Enter set timing modeF10
Set start sync times while in set timing modeHold Ctrl + Home


Captions must be timed within 1 second of the audible speech or sound effect. There are two ways to time captions using Ooona and it’s your choice which method you’d like to use.

The step-by-step method requires you to set start and end sync times using Home and End keys. This method can take a little extra time but it makes for the most accurate timed captions.

Set timing mode can be quicker and easier to time captions, as you only have to hold and release Ctrl + Home. However, it can take some practice to be able to time captions accurately as the media keeps playing. You may need to fix some timecodes using the step-by-step method.

Hot tips

  • Keep a cheat sheet of hotkeys next to your computer
  • Click on a caption to jump to that in-timecode in the media
  • Ctrl + G to go-to a timecode or caption number
  • Set end sync time on the current caption before setting start sync time on the next caption to avoid overlaps

Once you’ve got the basics of Ooona down, you can move onto some more advanced techniques for making awesome captions. If you’re looking to be able to view and claim high and premium tasks, you’ll need to be able to split and block your captions at just the right points so they’re easier to read.

Practice makes perfect! If you want to practice using Ooona before jumping into paid tasks, follow the steps in this article – just make sure to reset the captions and unclaim the task when you’re done.

Updated on September 15, 2020

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