Ooona Controls

General controls
Save current projectctrl+s
Open Go Toctrl+g
Open Findctrl+f
Video controls
Play/pause videotab
Toggle video x2 speed1
Jump video to current captionctrl+j
Nudge forwardctrl+.
Move forward 1 secondalt+shift
Move forward 2 secondsalt+shift+z
Nudge backctrl+,
Move back 1 secondctrl+shift
Move back 2 secondsctrl+shift+z
Editing controls
Create new captionctrl+Enter
Create new caption abovealt+Enter
Split caption at cursorshift+Enter
Delete captionshift+backspace
Jump to next captionctrl+down
Jump to previous captionctrl+up
Merge caption downctrl+backspace
Merge caption upctrl+del
Move word line upctrl+8
Move word line downctrl+9
Timing controls
Set start sync timeHome
Set end sync timeEnd
Turn on set timing modeF10
Set timing mode – Set timectrl+Home
Set timing mode – Skip caption blockctrl+End
Updated on September 4, 2020

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