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Performance Checks (PerC)

Performance Checks are Ai-Media’s unique method of qualifying our agents’ output. When an agent needs their output reviewed, we perform a detailed analysis to gather data based on three key categories:

  • Accuracy measures how truthful the transcribed text is to the media.
  • Presentation measures how the captions/transcript appear to the viewer.
  • Style measures whether the text adheres to our standards and requirements.

These checks help to determine what work is available for your to claim on the Dashboard. We perform these checks when you’re doing really well (Passing QA), when you’re having a rough patch (Failing QA), and periodically throughout your Ai-Media career. 


Our minimum Accuracy expectation is 99%. 99% that means roughly one word in one hundred can be wrong. However, some errors carry more weight than others – it’s all about the impact on the person reading the transcribed text. A High accuracy rating is above 99.5%, and a Premium accuracy rating is above 99.9%. 99.9% means one error in every 1,000 words.


Presentation is all about your timing, punctuation, and where you split your captions. Like with Accuracy, the weighting of the errors depends on the impact your Presentation errors have on the viewer. Our minimum Presentation expectation is 98.5%. A High presentation rating is above 99%, and an Excellent presentation rating is above 99.5%.


Style measures whether you’ve followed the guidelines that we or the client have provided. Style is calculated slightly differently to Accuracy and Presentation. A Standard-quality file will have zero Style errors (100%). A score of 98% is considered to have minor issues. 92% still passes, but is borderline. Scores between 86% and 92% require improvement. If you score below 86%, this is considered poor quality.

Updated on January 15, 2021

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