Quality profiles

The quality profile column on your Community Portal dashboard displays the Accuracy and Presentation requirements of Timed Transcription tasks. Read on to learn more about how to understand quality profiles and what this means for your transcription.

Understanding quality profiles

Quality profiles indicate the level of Accuracy and Presentation required per task. These are presented as an easy-to-read graph and are set at either Standard, High or Very High. These broad categories help inform which areas to focus on as you work.

For example, if you’re unable to verify a difficult term on a task that has Standard level accuracy, it may be acceptable to use (UNKNOWN) or leave the term unverified. For tasks with High and Premium accuracy, however, it is important to take all reasonable efforts to verify terms.

Please note that quality profiles are an indication of expected quality only, and all normal efforts should be taken to complete tasks to the best of your ability.

Hover over a quality profile to see exactly what Accuracy and Presentation level is required.

Key requirements of High and Very High tasks

Tasks with High and Very High quality profiles are required to have region-specific spelling, as per the output language on Community Portal. More information on spelling variations can be found here.

Tasks with High and Very High quality profiles also have specific standards for music transcription. Please see Transcribing music in Scripta for more information.

Dashboard personalisation

Quality profiles correspond with dashboard personalisation. This means that tasks with higher quality requirements are only accessible to transcribers whose personalised dashboard can access High and Premium tasks. Tasks with higher quality expectations also have higher base rates. This is to ensure remuneration is consistent with the average amount of time it takes to complete tasks at different quality levels. We also believe that transcribers who consistently submit high-quality work should be rewarded.

Moving up the ranks

If you would like to gain access to tasks with quality profiles that exceed your dashboard personalisation level, you will need to submit work at a higher quality than the level indicated on the task’s quality profile.

For example, Jane has a personalised dashboard that enables her to see Standard quality tasks, but she wants to be able to view and claim High quality tasks. Dashboard personalisation is based on Jane’s aggregate performance check score, so she will need to be completing tasks to a quality level higher than Standard level before she is able to view tasks that have High or Very High quality profiles. By completing work to a higher quality standard than necessary, Jane is putting in the time to produce high-quality transcripts for those who need them, and potentially earn a higher base rate for certain tasks. Go Jane!

Requirements per quality level

Updated on February 3, 2023

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