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Reloading, deleting and importing supporting documents

Reloading a support document

When you claim a task from Community, the supporting documents will automatically load into the editor. If you make a mistake and want to begin again from scratch, you will need to restore Ooona to the original backup. This process is outlined below.

Go to Project > Restore backup 

A menu will appear on the right. Select the oldest backup at the bottom of the list. In this example, it is the second entry.

This will restore your backup to the automatically generated text (ASR file). You’re now ready to continue working on the task.

Deleting a supporting document

To delete a supporting document that comes automatically loaded when you launch a task in Ooona, you will need to delete all the caption blocks in the Ooona editor. This process is explained in The Subtitle Table article under ‘Selecting multiple caption blocks’.

Importing a supporting document

If you need to import a support document that is not automatically loaded when Ooona is launched, you will need to manually import the document.

To do this, drag and drop the document anywhere into the Ooona. A dialogue box will appear.

You do not need to change any settings. Press ‘Import’ in the bottom right corner to manually import the supporting document.

Updated on May 1, 2020

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