Research and Verification

Take time to research the correct capitalization and spelling of names, places, company names and jargon.

Follow on-screen graphics.

  • Match the spelling and capitalization of what you see on screen.

Verify using official websites wherever possible.

  • Spelling on an official website is more reliable than on a personal blog.

Use Google for jargon.

  • If you can’t find an unfamiliar word, try a few spelling variations. You can also search more effectively if you add in additional terms for context.

Do your best, but don’t waste time.

  • Make a reasonable effort to research and verify terms, but don’t spend too long.
  • If a name or term is not verifiable, use the (INAUDIBLE) label so that we can easily identify the difficult term.

Represent inaudible content.

  • If you can’t make out a word because the audio might be too faint or unclear, you should represent this as (INAUDIBLE) in the captions.

Note: Often the specialized names and places are the most important words in a video. Misspelling a company name when captioning a video for that company is like using the wrong name when addressing somebody. It’s important to get them right!

More questions? See our Recorded Captioning Style Guide.

Updated on September 6, 2018

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