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Reworks on the Community Portal

Tasks submitted on the Community Portal are reviewed by our quality assurance team to ensure they meet Ai-Media standards before delivery to our clients.

When a task fails a quality check, it needs to be fixed up before any payment can be made. This process is called a rework. For more information on task workflows and the different stages of the quality check process, please see the Task history page. For more information on Ai-Media standards, please see our Style Guide.

Reasons why tasks fail quality check

If your task fails a quality check, it will be returned to you with a reason which indicates why it was failed. This reason helps you to identify what needs to be fixed up before resubmission. Fail reasons are categorised by accuracy, presentation and style. They are listed below.

Poor accuracyPoor presentationPoor style
Missing content Poor timingIncorrect formatting
Misunderstood content Poor or missing punctuationIncorrect standards
Unverified terminologyIncorrect or missing speaker labels  
Misleading (INAUDIBLE)s
Incorrect spelling or grammar

Expectations around reworks

It is the expectation of Ai-Media that tasks submitted by agents on the Community Portal should be deliverable to our clients without further editing or modification. If a task is found to require further editing or modification, it is understood that the submitting agent has failed to meet the requirements of the task.

In every instance possible, Ai-Media will endeavour to make reworks available to the agent who submitted the task so that the transcript can be reworked and payment can be made if the task passes a subsequent QA check. A rework may be removed from your dashboard at the discretion of Ai-Media, and you will be notified of this.

Transcribers are under no obligation to accept a task for rework. However, if you choose to reject a rework you will not receive payment as the task’s quality requirements were not met.

How to reject a rework

If you choose not to accept a rework task, you will need to reject the task so that it can be assigned to another agent to fix up. To do this, you need to report a problem from the Task Details page.

From the Dashboard, navigate to the Task Details page by clicking ‘View’. From here, select ‘Report Problem’ and then ‘Unable to Meet Task Due Date’.

Select ‘Report Problem’ to reject a rework task. ‘Unclaim task’ is used for tasks you do not wish to work on during the 15-minute grace period after claiming a task.

If you receive a rework and you wish to reject it, but the task is already in ‘Problem Reported’ status, please make sure to email or Slack message Online Support to let them know that you wish to reject the rework.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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