Scripta controls

Key combinationFunction
TabPlay and pause the media
Alt + sSave work
Page upNavigate to next segment
Page downNavigate to previous segment
Ctrl + AltSkip back by _ seconds (set interval in menu)
Alt + ShiftSkip forward by _ seconds (set interval in menu)
Alt + ,Slow the video down by 0.25
Alt + .Speed the video up by 0.25
Ctrl + jJump media to in-time for current segment
At end of segment
At start of segment
In blank segment
In middle of segment
Create new segment below
Create new segment above
Rotate segment speaker label
Split segment at cursor
BackspaceMerge segment up (at beginning of segment)
DeleteMerge segment down (at end of segment)
Shift + backspaceDelete segment
Updated on October 12, 2020

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