Scripta troubleshooting

Below are some handy tips to try if you encounter an error with Scripta. If the error still cannot be resolved, please email

Layout issues

Layout issues can prevent you from accessing either the bottom or top menu in Scripta. This error occurs on monitors or laptops with small resolutions. Take a look at the below video to see how to fix this issue and continue transcribing.

The above video demonstrates how to fix the Scripta layout issue

To view the bottom half of Scripta if you are ‘stuck’ in the top half:

  1. Press Pg Dn (page down).

To view the top half of Scripta if you are ‘stuck’ in the bottom half:

  1. If needed, zoom out on your browser until you can see the full screen button on the video player.
  2. Press the full screen button.
  3. Press Esc to exit full screen mode.
  4. Zoom back out to 100%.

If this still doesn’t work, press Pg Up (page up).

Timestamp issues

Setting the end timestamp before the start timestamp

If you are unable to set timestamps on a new segment and you don’t know why, try setting the end timestamp before you set the start timestamp. Sometimes, Scripta will prevent a start timecode from being set if the end timecode is not timestamped correctly, or if it’s 00:00:00.


Timecodes in Scripta are measured in hours, minutes and seconds. The below timecode is one that would be found in Scripta.

Scripta also uses milliseconds, where one millisecond is a thousandth of a second. Scripta automatically rounds the timecode up to the nearest whole second, based on milliseconds. This rounding is done in Scripta’s backend and cannot be viewed when editing.

What this means for you is that if you are unable to set a timestamp, it could be because Scripta is rounding up to the next whole second. When this happens, it is not displayed on the media player.

In the below example, Stacey is trying to timestamp the 00:00:00 timecode to 00:12:31. The media player is paused at 00:12:31 and Stacey is pressing F2, but the timecode still cannot be set. In the backend, however, the time that Stacey paused the media is 00:12:31:600. This means that the timecode is being rounded up to 00:12:32, even though the timecode on the media player still reads 00:012:31 for Stacey. Stacey is unable to set this timestamp because at 00:12:32, it is overlapping with the start timecode on the next segment.

What to do

If you are unable to set a timestamp and you don’t know why, press Tab to pause the media as soon as possible after the timecode you want to set begins playing. For example, to set a timestamp at 00:12:31, start playing the media from 00:12:30 and toggle Tab on and off quickly. Pause the media the moment the timecode switches over from 00:12:30 to 00:12:31. This will ensure that the timecode does not round up to the next whole second.

Overlapping timecodes

A common reason why a task does not successfully submit through Scripta is overlapping timecodes. This is often hidden as milliseconds. If you have clicked Complete in Scripta but the task remains on your dashboard in InProgress status, there may be overlapping timecodes.

What to do

To find out exactly where the overlapping timecodes are, follow the steps below. Please note that this only works if you have already clicked Complete in Scripta and there is an attachment on your task. You can find the attachment in the COMPLETE TASK section on the Task Details page.

  • Click Submit Completed Task on your Task Details page.
  • If there are overlapping timecodes, they will be listed in a pop-up error message.
  • Take note of these timecodes by writing them down, then close the error message.
    • The timecodes provided will be in a format as follows: 00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:00,000. The first timecode is the one to look at. This timecode is before the timecode of the previous segment and is the one you will need to edit.
    • Pay attention to the first few digits that are visible to you in Scripta. For example, the error message reads 00:10:10,139 –> 00:10:14,599, so navigate to 10:10 in Scripta.
  • Launch Scripta.
  • Navigate to the overlapping timecodes and follow the millisecond instructions.
    • For example, a segment may end at 11:10 and the next segment begins at 11:10. You will need to change the end timecode of the first segment to 11:09 OR change the start timecode of the second segment to 11:11 to make sure there are no hidden millisecond overlaps.
  • When timecodes are fixed, click Complete at the top of the Scripta page.
  • If the overlapping timecodes have been successfully fixed, the task should now be in Completed status.

Segment duration

Segments in Scripta must be at least 1 second and no longer than 3600 seconds. If any segments in your transcript break this rule, an error message will appear when you try to submit the task.

Without visible milliseconds, it can be pretty tricky to determine exactly how long a segment is.

By making the start and end timestamps of each segment at least two seconds apart (eg. 10:11 to 10:13), you guarantee the segment is at least one second long. Don’t worry if the timing of the segments doesn’t match the speech exactly.

Community Portal issues

It’s important to remain logged in on Community Portal while you are editing in Scripta. To do this, make sure to navigate back to Community Portal periodically and refresh the Task Details page. This will ensure your license to Scripta does not expire if you are logged out of Community Portal due to inactivity.

Taking a break

If you’d like to take a break, it’s important to save and close both Scripta and Community Portal. This helps to avoid autosave issues.

Before taking a break:

  1. Press Save on Scripta
  2. Close the Sripta tab
  3. Navigate back to Community Portal
  4. Press Logout in Community Portal
Updated on June 8, 2023

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