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Setting up the GoCoder app for Facebook Live Captioning (Android)

Follow these steps to setup the GoCoder app on Android. This will allow you to stream live to Ai-Media. We will add captions and deliver back to your Facebook page.

GoCoder is available for free download from Google Play Store.

1. Click anywhere to dismiss the intro screen.

2. Click on the Wowza logo to change the stream server settings

3. Select Wowza Streaming Engine

4. Select Host

5. Set the details for Ai-Media stream server

6. Select back and then select Application. (Note: Details are Case sensitive)

7. Select back and select Login; then set Source Authentication (Note: Details are Case sensitive)

8. Select Done and select the Options icon on the main screen

9. Select Video Size and set to 1280×720 on an Android, or HD (720p) on an iPhone

10. Select Video Setting & set the Frame Rate and Keyframe interval to 30. And Click done

Updated on July 2, 2019

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