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Speaker labels in Scripta

Scripta includes a dedicated speaker labels menu which can be found to the right of the video player. This menu allows you to easily edit, save and create new speaker labels.

Auto formatting

When you first load Scripta, you might find that the speaker labels in the menu look like this:

The speaker labels are generated automatically by our Recorded Speech Processing Service. It assigns the speaker as either a male or female and numbers them sequentially when it thinks there is a new speaker.

You will need to edit these to ensure that they conform with Ai-Media standards.

Adding a speaker label

To edit a single speaker label, press the small x on the right side of the speaker label to clear the auto-generated label from the segment. Then simply type in the label you wish to use. That label will now be saved in the speaker label menu. Click on the upside-down arrow to see your saved options.

Editing all speaker labels

To edit all instances of a speaker label, simply click into the box without selecting the small x on the right side, type in the label you wish to use and press Enter. This will change all occurrences of that speaker label. This is useful if you need to change how a name is spelt, for example, or if you wish to change all the autogenerated speaker labels to SPEAKER: or LECTURER:

Updated on October 12, 2020

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