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Stenographer Formatting for Wowza

When captioning to Facebook or YouTube, our output from Ai-Stream is directed to the livestream and displayed as blocked captions. We get the live audio from either an online live stream or a standard conference call or Zoom call. The live stream is delayed by 5-10 seconds so that the captions line up with the audio after being blocked automatically into one or two line captions.


Captioning Standards

    • Only use >> for new speakers, not SPEAKER: tags.
    • No need to create extra lines/paragraph breaks for readability
    • Like regular Ai-Live, the only $$ command that can be used is $$TRANSMIT – everything else will come out in the captions.

Ai-Stream Settings

  • Use Ai-Stream v4.14 (not 4.10)
  • Make sure ‘Wowza’ is checked in the Output settings in Ai-Stream
  • YouTube:
    • Uncheck single line box, Stream Block Size = 50, Reading Speed 295
  • Facebook
    • Check single line box, Stream Block Size = 30, Reading Speed 300

The Ai-Live/Wowza dropdown is used to display different settings. To turn Wowza on and off, you need to tick and untick the checkbox. It will default to display the Ai-Live settings each time you open this window, but will remember your last saved options.

Remember to un-check the Wowza option for regular Ai-Live sessions.



Updated on August 9, 2018

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