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Support materials on the Community Portal

The Supporting Materials section on your task is where you can find reference materials and instructions to help you complete your task.

It’s our expectation that any Notes or supporting materials attached to a task are adhered to when editing. If these instructions are not followed, a task may need to be reworked.


When a customer places an order, they have the option to leave a note for you to help you complete their task. Likewise, if Online Support have specific instructions for your task, we’ll use the internal notes field to communicate these to you. Make sure to check both of these fields before commencing work on your task.

Automatically generated transcripts (ASR)

All tasks Community Portal come with an automatically generated transcript of the audio file that is powered by automatic speech recognition (ASR). These files are created by a computer to help speed up your transcription work. When you launch Scripta, the automatically generated transcript will be pre-loaded and ready for you to start editing.

The inclusion of these automatically generated transcripts is designed to enhance your workflow and reduce your time spent transcribing. However, the technology isn’t perfect, so proceed with discretion – don’t assume the automatically generated text is accurate. You must listen to the audio as you read along with the transcript and make edits. There will always be corrections that need to be made to the automatically generated transcript before submission.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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