Symbols, measurement and currency

Percentages (%)

The percentage sign (%) should be used in place of the word ‘percent’ after numbers:

e.g. The economy contracted by 0.5% last week.

Currency ($)

Currency should be represented with a $ symbol before the number, and following other number rules:

e.g. $2,500, $3.4 billion, “It cost $10.”

  • Foreign currency, if dollars, should be written with the two letter abbreviation:

e.g. AU $24.

  • Informal currency expressions should be captioned as heard:

e.g. 20 grand, 50 bucks, 40 quid.


Metric units of measurement should be abbreviated for readability and be represented as digits:

e.g. 4m, 10cm, 100km, 5L.

Imperial units of measurement should be written out as words, with numbers one to ten written as words and 11+ as digits:

e.g. six feet, 11 inches.

More questions? See our Recorded Captioning Style Guide.

Updated on January 15, 2021

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