Task statuses

Tasks on Community Portal always have a status. This is used to indicate the stage in the workflow that the task is currently in. The status of your task can be found on the Task Details page.

The status of a task can be found at the top of the Task Details page.
In this example, the task is at ProblemReported.

InProgress: When a task is claimed and being worked on by an agent, its status is InProgress.

ProblemReported: A task that is at ProblemReported status can mean several things.
– You have clicked “Report Problem” to report a problem with your task or to reject a rework task and are waiting for Online Support to resolve the problem.
– The task is overdue and you have not submitted completed work. It is important to remember that tasks that are overdue will be considered abandoned if you have not used the “Report Problem” button.
– The task has failed QA and has automatically fallen into ProblemReported status. You will need to contact Online Support, either via email or Slack, to request the task be opened for rework or to let them know you wish to reject the rework.

After submitting a task, agents can no longer access the Task Details page. To determine the status of submitted tasks, and importantly, when a task is at Completed stage and payment can be made, please see Task History.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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