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The Subtitle Table

The Subtitle Table is on the right of the screen. The Subtitle Table is used to create and edit new caption blocks. It displays caption blocks in sequence.

Understanding the Subtitle Table

Individual caption blocks within the Subtitle Table contain useful information which helps you create and navigate your captions.

Editing captions

When you claim a task from Community, the supporting document (e.g. ASR file, script, caption file for retiming) will automatically load into the editor for you. If there are timings in the file, these will also load automatically, creating caption blocks. From here, you can watch the media and edit the captions as you go, making sure to fix up any mis-recognised words, timing, blocking, splitting, and punctuation errors.

If you want to watch the captions on the video as you edit, switch to Review Mode in the middle of the menu bar. This will also jump you to the current caption as you play the video. The blue highlighted caption is the caption you are currently editing.

Selecting multiple caption blocks

Sometimes you will need to select multiple blocks of captions at the same time, often when deleting a section of your captioning. To select multiple captions, select the square box in the far right corner.

The options Clear / All / Range will appear.  

To delete all your caption blocks, select All, and then delete by pressing shift+backspace. (Please note: If you have deleted all your caption blocks, you will need to click into the Subtitle Editor and press cntrl+Enter to create a new blank caption.)

To delete a specific sequence of caption blocks, select Range. A dialogue box will appear.

 Input the number of the first caption you want to delete below ‘Start index’, and the number of the last caption you want to delete beneath ‘End index’. Press apply. Then delete by pressing Shift+backspace.

Press Clear to quit out of the Select Multiple Subtitles menu.

Updated on May 20, 2020

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