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Timed Transcription in Scripta

Both Transcription and Timed Transcription tasks can be completed in Scripta. Read on for more information about their different requirements and how to identify a Timed Transcription task from a Transcription task.

Identifying Timed Transcription tasks

The difference between Transcription and Timed Transcription can be confusing at first! One key thing to note is that Timed Transcription tasks can only be completed in Scripta. The easiest way to identify if your task is a Transcription or Timed Transcription task is to look at the task type on your Task Details page or on the Recorded tab, before it is claimed.

The transcription type can be identified in the Task Type column on the Recorded tab
The Text Tracker

Another easy way to identify a timed transcription task is the Text Tracker. The Text Tracker highlights words as they’re spoken in blue to help as you edit the ASR. The Text Tracker is only available on timed transcription tasks.

The Text Tracker highlights words as they’re spoken. Try it out by pressing Tab to play the media!
Timecode information

Auto-generated sync points are created for every segment in timed transcription tasks. On Scripta, these are located between the video player and the text segments. These sync points power the Text Tracker, which is why only timed transcription tasks have timecodes at the start and end of every segment. Transcription tasks do not require syncing, so segments have blank timecodes of 00:00:00 at the start and end of every segment.

When you are editing a Timed Transcription task, blank segments need to have approximate sync points timestamped. Auto-generated sync points do not need to be adjusted, but it is important not to submit a Timed Transcription task with any sync points timestamped 00:00:00, including the first timestamp in the first segment. If there are any segments timestamped 00:00:00, the task will not successfully submit to Community Portal.


TranscriptionTimed transcription
Do you need to use Scripta to work on the task?NoYes
Do auto-generated sync points need to be adjusted?NoNo
Do blank sync points (00:00:00) need to be timestamped?NoYes
Is the Text Tracker available?NoYes

Updated on March 17, 2021

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