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Timed Transcription in Scripta

Timed Transcription tasks come equipped with computer-generated text. As a transcriber on Community Portal, you must edit this text to ensure it is accurate, easy-to-read and that it meets Ai-Media standards. Timed Transcription tasks must be completed in Scripta.

The Text Tracker

Timed Transcription tasks use the Text Tracker. The Text Tracker highlights words as they’re spoken in blue to help as you edit the automatically generated text (ASR).

The Text Tracker highlights words as they’re spoken. Try it out by pressing Tab to play the media!
Timecode information and timestamping

Auto-generated timestamps are created for every task in Scripta. These timestamps are located between the video player and the text segments.

Most timestamps in Scripta do not need to be adjusted. However, it is important that you review and edit timestamps when you create a new segment or significantly amend an existing one. An example of a signification amendment is when you delete a sentence and re-type it in the segment below. By doing this, it is likely that the auto-generated timestamps on both the segment you deleted the text from and also the segment below are longer accurate. In this case, it is crucial to adjust the timestamps on both of these segments.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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