Timing captions

Captions must be timed within one second of the audible speech or sound effect. There are two ways to time captions using Ooona. For beginners, we recommend set timing mode.

Step-by-step vs set timing mode

The step-by-step method involves setting start and end sync points separately using Home and End keys. This method can take a little extra time but produces the most accurate syncing.

Set timing mode sets start and end sync points simultaneously by pressing and holding Ctrl + Home for the duration of the caption block. This mode is faster than the step-by-step method, but you may need to review some sync points if the timing is not accurate enough.

Set timing mode

This method involves syncing captions while the media is playing by pressing and holding Ctrl+Home.

To turn set timing mode on, press F10 or navigate to Timecode > Set Timing Mode. The set timing mode tool will appear.

Navigate to where you want to start syncing. Press Tab to play the media, and press and hold Ctrl+Home. The idea is to hold Ctrl+Home for the entire duration of each caption block, from the first world to the last.

Set timing mode works best if you hold Ctrl and toggle the Home key. Ooona will automatically move to the next caption block when you release the Home key. Repeat this process until all your caption blocks are synced.

A video demo of this process can be viewed in our tutorials.

Step-by-step method

Below is a step-by-step guide to timing captions in Ooona if you have already created caption blocks from scratch or if you have cleared existing timings.

A video demo of this process can be viewed in our tutorials.

  1. Make sure you’re in Work Mode with Video Follows Subtitle disabled

  1. Click into your first caption block
  2. Press Tab to play the video until you hear the start of dialogue which matches the beginning of your caption block
  3. Press Tab to pause the video when you hear the first word that matches your text
  4. Use your keyboard shortcuts to navigate forward or back until you’re at the exact time the first word starts
  5. Press Home to set your start sync time
  • Here, you’ll notice the caption block now has timing information and will appear on the Timeline.

  1. Press Tab again and play until you hear the dialogue that matches the last word in your caption block. Press End to set your end sync time.
  • Here, you’ll notice the caption block now has an end sync point on the Timeline. It can now be dragged and edited with the mouse

  1. Press Ctrl+down to jump to the next caption

Repeat steps 2-8 until all the caption blocks are timed.

Clearing timecodes

Sometimes, you may need to clear captions of their timecodes in Ooona. To do this, you need to go to the Timecode menu and select Clear timecodes.

You will then be prompted to select which captions you would like to clear.

Input the number of the first caption you want to clear below ‘Start index’, and the number of the last caption you want to clear beneath ‘End index’. Press clear.

Updated on September 21, 2020

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