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Tutorial: Completing transcription tasks in Ooona

This video will demonstrate how to use Ooona to create and edit transcripts for the Community Portal. When you Launch Ooona from your Transcription task, a text file will load in the editor. This text is generated automatically, to assist you in completing your task. You’ll always have to edit the text which appears when you launch Ooona. Before you start transcribing, make sure you are in ‘Work Mode’, with ‘Video follows subtitle’ disabled. First, delete the ID number above the transcribed text, if it appears. Edit the text to match the audible content in your media. Press Tab to play and pause the video. If you need to speed the video up, toggle 1 to play at double speed. You can skip backward in the video by one second by holding control, and then pressing shift. Skip forward in the video by one second by holding alt, then pressing shift. For finer timing control, hold control and press comma or full stop to move backwards and forwards one step. Ensure you correct the speaker labels to Ai-Media standards. Press enter to add a line break after your speaker label. Use the up and down arrows to navigate between lines in the transcript. Hold control and use the left and right arrows to jump words while you’re editing. Split the text into paragraphs by pressing shift and enter. You should create a new paragraph every time the speaker changes, and when the speaker starts a new concept – like you would when writing an essay or article. Try to keep your paragraphs below eight lines. To add a new blank paragraph after the current paragraph, press control and enter. To add one before the current paragraph, press alt and enter. Merge the paragraph with the one below by pressing control and backspace. Pressing control and delete to merge your current paragraph with the one above. If you decide you don’t want to use the automatically generated text, simply press the ‘Delete’ icon. If there are multiple paragraphs present, press ‘Select multiple subtitles’, ‘All’, then hit delete. You can revert to a previous draft in the ‘Project’ menu. Click ‘Restore backup’, then choose the timestamped draft you wish to use. If you need to upload a file to the editor, simply drag and drop onto Ooona. Make sure it’s a compatible format, such as DOCX, before you do. If prompted, select ‘Word Document’ from the pop-up. Click ‘Import’ on the pop-up.  You can find spelling errors by clicking ‘Run spellcheck’ in the ‘Subtitle’ menu.  Remember to submit your output by clicking ‘Finish Project’ in the Project menu.

Updated on May 8, 2020

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