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Video tutorial: Editing a transcription task in Scripta

This is a short video to show you how to use Scripta to create transcripts for the Community Portal.

Once you’ve claimed a transcription task, click the Launch Scripta button at the top of your task to open the editor in a new window. Make sure you have pop-ups enabled. This is the Scripta transcript editor. The video is on the left, above the keyboard shortcuts. At the top of the editor are the control buttons – Reset, Save, Export, Complete. To the right of the video are the speaker label dropdowns and the text segments. The text in the segments has been automatically generated for you to edit. As this is a transcription task, there are no timecodes associated with the text segments. Each text segment has a speaker label attached, which you can change using the speaker label dropdown. The speaker label dropdowns are pre-loaded with automatically generated labels. You’ll always need to change the labels to match the Ai-Media standards. Clicking into the box lets you change an existing label. Simply type the label that you want to see then click ‘Add Item’. When you change a label, all the instances of that label will change too. If you only want to change the label associated with the segment you’re editing, click the X to clear the label for that segment. Then you can type a new label into the box. Click the dropdown arrow to select a different label for the text segment. Once again, changing one instance of the label will update all the other instances to match. When you’re ready to edit the text, click into the segment you want to edit. Press Tab to play and pause the video. You can skip backwards and forwards, speed up or slow down the video, and jump between segments using the keyboard shortcuts. Think of each text segment as a paragraph, to help you decide where to split or join the segments. Whenever a new speaker starts talking you must create a new segment and update the speaker label. At any time, you can press Reset to retrieve the original automatically generated transcript. Be careful – once you’ve reset the draft, you can’t retrieve your progress. Once you’re happy with your transcript, click the Complete button in the top-right-hand corner. This will submit your Community task, and close the task in Scripta. 

Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoy using Scripta.

Updated on November 6, 2020

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