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Tutorial: Launching Ooona from the Community Portal

Hi. This short video will show you how to access the Ooona editor from your Community Portal task.

Claim a task from the Recorded dashboard by clicking ‘Start’. If you’ve already claimed a task, go to your dashboard and open your task detail screen by clicking View. The ‘Launch Ooona’ button will appear at the top of your task detail page along with any other tools you may have access to. Click ‘Launch Ooona’ to open the Ooona editor. Make sure you have pop-ups enabled. You won’t be able to open the editor otherwise. Ooona will open in a new tab. A different Ooona tool will be loaded depending on the type of task you’ve claimed. This is a ‘Captioning’ task, so Ooona has opened the ‘Create Pro’ tool. You’ll see that there’s already captions appearing on the right-hand side. These are the automatically generated captions available on your Community task. You’ll need to review and edit these before you submit. If you need to take a break, simply save and exit the editor. When you’re ready to resume, click ‘Launch Ooona’ on your Community Portal task to pick up where you left off. Make sure that you keep an eye on your due date in Community. If the task fails, you won’t be able to retrieve your progress. In the event that you need more time to finish your work, ‘Report a Problem’ to request an extension. Once you’re happy with your work, open the ‘Project’ menu in the Ooona editor. Click ‘Finish Project’ to submit your completed work.

Updated on May 7, 2020

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