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Tutorial: Timing captions in Ooona

This is a short video to show you how time caption blocks to align with audible content in Ooona. 

If you have cleared the existing timings, or if you have created caption blocks from scratch, your captions will not have any timecodes. The process for creating timecodes is slightly different to adjusting existing timings (aka syncing). Once you’ve finished transcribing the video, make sure Ooona is set to ‘Work mode’ and ‘Video Follows Subtitle’ is disabled. Use the video controls to navigate to the start of the audible content in your media. Press Tab to play and pause the video. If you need to speed the video up, toggle 1 to play at double speed. Make sure you have clicked into the caption block you want to time in the Subtitle Table. Listen for the audible content that matches the transcribed text in your first caption block. Press the Home button (above your number pad) to set your sync start time. You’ll notice that the caption block has now appeared on the Timeline. Now, play the video again until you hear the dialogue that matches the last word in your caption. Press End, the button to the left of Home, to set your sync end time. You can skip backward in the video by one second by holding control and then pressing shift (ctrl+shift). Skip forward in the video by one second by holding alt, then pressing shift (alt+shift). For finer timing control, hold control and press comma or full stop to move backwards and forwards one step. (ctrl+,)(ctrl+.) Use control and the up and down arrows to navigate between caption blocks (ctrl+up)(ctrl+down). Repeat the process until all the caption blocks have been timed. If you need to adjust your timings later, switch to ‘Review Mode’, and enable ‘Video Follows Subtitle’. Make sure all your caption blocks have timings before you switch modes.

Check out set timing mode as an alternative method to timing captions in Ooona.

Updated on September 7, 2020

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