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Tutorial: Writing captions in Ooona

This video will demonstrate how to use Ooona to create and edit caption blocks for the Community Portal.

When you Launch Ooona from your captioning task, a caption file will load in the editor. These captions are generated automatically, to assist you in completing your task. You’ll always have to edit the captions which appear when you launch Ooona. Before you start captioning, make sure you are in ‘Work Mode’, with ‘Video follows subtitle’ disabled. Click into the first caption to begin. You can navigate between captions by pressing control and the up and down arrows. Add a line break by pressing Enter, and use backspace to move the text onto a single line. Merge the caption down by pressing control and backspace, and up by pressing control and delete. Split the caption by pressing shift and enter. To add a new blank caption after the current caption, press control and enter. To add one before the current caption, press alt and enter. To move individual words between lines within a caption, hold control and press 8 or 9 to move words up or down. If you want to move words between different captions, hold control and shift, and press 8 or 9. If you decide you don’t want to use the automatically generated captions, you can clear table by pressing ‘Select multiple subtitles’, ‘All’, then hit delete. You can revert to a previous draft in the ‘Project’ menu. Click ‘Restore backup’, then choose the timestamped draft you wish to use. If you need to upload a file to the editor, simply drag and drop onto Ooona. Make sure it’s a compatible format, such as SRT, before you do. Click ‘Import’ on the pop-up. Before you submit your output, check for errors in your captions in the ‘Subtitle’ menu. Click ‘Validation errors’ to bring up a summary of errors. Errors in Ooona are highlighted with red. You can see them in the captions, or on the Timeline. Hover over the red exclamation mark to identify the error. The Validation errors box tells you what’s wrong with your captions. You can find spelling errors by clicking ‘Run spellcheck’ in the ‘Subtitle’ menu. There are a lot of different validation checks you can run with Ooona – try out a few if you’re curious about what they do! Remember to submit your output by clicking ‘Finish Project’ in the Project menu. 

Updated on September 2, 2020

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