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Understanding your task details page

When you claim a task from Available Tasks, you will be taken to the Task Detail page. This page contains all the important information you need to complete your task and is broken up into sections.

Initial details: launch button, unclaim and due date

The top of your task page holds all of the important information about your deadline, as well as actions you can take to interact with the task.

  • Task ID – This is the unique ID number assigned to each task. You should refer to this when contacting Online Support.
  • Launch button – Use this button to launch Scripta, our transcription editor for Timed Transcription tasks.
  • Due – This is when your task is due in your local time. You can also see how much time is remaining on your task below this date.
  • Logout – Logs you out of the Community Portal.
  • Close – Returns you to your Dashboard.
  • Unclaim – This lets you unclaim the task and returns the task to the Recorded page. When a task is unclaimed, you are unable to view or claim it again.
  • Report Problem – Alerts Online Support that you’re having difficulties completing a task and is used to request extensions. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Task details

The next section contains information about the type of task you’ve claimed, as well as payment details.

  • Task Type – This tells you what type of output you need to create
  • Rate/Min – How much you’ll be paid for each minute of Claimable Duration
  • Pay Total – How much you’ll be paid in total if you complete the task
  • Media URL – Access the media for the task by clicking this URL
  • Claimable Duration – How many hours and minutes you’ll be paid for if you complete the task
  • Input language – This is the language that the media is in
  • Output language – This is the language you need to provide your output in. For Captioning and Transcription tasks, this will always be the same as the Input language.

Supporting materials, submission and comments

The last sections contain materials and resources, buttons to complete your task, and the comments thread for communication.

  • Documentation – Any documents provided by the client and/or Online Support to help you complete your task. Download using the green button.
  • Customer Note – Notes written by the client who placed the order to help you complete your task. It is important to follow instructions in the Customer Note, even if it means your transcription does not conform with Ai-Media Style.
  • Internal note – Notes written by Online Support to help you complete your task.
  • Upload files – Use this button to upload your completed output to the Community Portal.
  • Fetch from Amara – Use this button to pull your completed caption file from your Endorsed Amara task. NOTE: This will only work for Retime or Sync tasks.
  • Submit completed task – Sends your finished output to Quality Assurance and adds the task to your Completed Tasks view. NOTE: This will not work for Timed Transcription tasks, which must be submitted via Scripta.
  • Comments – Where you can communicate with Online Support about issues with your task. NOTE: You can only add a comment if you Report A Problem. For all other communication, please email Online Support.

Updated on June 30, 2022

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