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Tutorial: Set Timing Mode in Ooona

Transcript: This video will show you how to use set timing mode in Ooona. Set timing mode allows you to set start and end sync times for each caption with a simple hotkey as you listen back to the media. Press F10 to turn set timing mode on. Alternatively, you can navigate to Timecode and then clock Set Timing Mode. The set timing mode tool appears at the top right side of Ooona. To start playing the media, press Tab. Press and hold Ctrl and Home on your keyboard until you hear the last word in the caption block, then release. Press and hold again when you hear the first word of the next caption block and release when the last word has been spoken. Repeat these steps until all captions have been timed. Set timing mode works best if you hold Ctrl continuously and hold and release the Home key. Caption blocks must be timed within 1 second of audible content. It is best practice to review the task once more after timing to make sure the caption blocks are timed accurately and the content of the captions accurately represents the audio.
Updated on September 28, 2020

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