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Video tutorial: Setting timestamps in Scripta

Please see here for more information about when to adjust timestamps in Scripta.


Hello. This video will show you how to set timestamps in Scripta. I’m going to double-click on this word here to jump to that point in the media and press Tab to play the video.

The following segment has a starting timestamp of all zeroes, so we need to fix that. At this point, I heard the speaker say “So the coding that we’d use” so I’m going to edit that in the transcript.

Now, I need to skip back to the point in the audio where the segment starts. I’m going to use Ctrl+Alt on my keyboard to do this, and then press Tab to play and pause the video again to get to the right point.

The start of the segment starts at approximately 1:35. I will press the Escape key on my keyboard and the starting timestamp will change. Now we have an approximate timestamp for the segment. If I want to set an end timestamp, I will find that point in the media and press F2 on my keyboard. Hope you found this video helpful. Thanks for watching.

Updated on October 29, 2021

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