Viewing Ai-Live Sessions

The Caption Viewer

Once you have accessed your session, there are a number of
features which can enhance your caption viewing experience.

Connection Status
Signals whether you are connected to the service
Reload the page
Customise fonts, text size, colours & other settings
Help Desk
Submit a request for coordinator assistance
Provide feedback for the captioning session
Exit the session and return to the Ai-Live portal
Toggle the display of the top toolbar

Caption Display

As mentioned, via the Settings panel, you have the ability to customise the look and feel of the display.

Choose from a variety of fonts, font sizes and colour schemes, optimised for maximum readability.

The Chat Panel

The chat panel is a useful tool to facilitate communication between you and your captioner.

Through the chat panel, you can confirm they are standing by, or provide them with any updates about start times, provide helpful terminology and otherwise troubleshoot.

Clicking the chat button will open up the below panel.

The numbers marked 1 through 5 allow you to send a pre-set message to your captioner.

Number 2 is reserved for your own custom message, which you can change via the Settings button, under the Chat tab.

Otherwise, you can type a message in the white box and hit Send.

Captioners may get in touch with you via the chat panel if they are having particular troubles with the audio, for example. When a new message is received, the panel will be coloured blue.

Updated on August 23, 2018

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