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Sometimes things go wrong and you can’t finish your task by the deadline. Never fear! ‘Report Problem’ is here.

The ‘Report Problem’ button on your task detail page is your way of letting us know there’s something that is preventing you from completing your task. When you click Report Problem, you must select a Problem Type and leave a comment. Make sure your comment contains as much detail as possible. If you need exactly two more hours to complete the task, let us know. If your internet connection is not reliable, let us know. The more we know about the problem, the better we can help you!

There are three Problem Types:

  • Poor materials – use this to report issues with supporting documentation or the media (including blank or untranscribable audio).
  • Unable to meet task due date – use this to request an extension, request re-allocation, or decline the task because of the deadline.
  • Other – use this for any problems which don’t fall in those categories, such as blank audio.

When you’ve reported a problem, the status of the task will update to Problem Reported. You won’t be able to complete the task until the problem has been resolved by the Online Support team. 

If you’re able to keep working on the task while Online Support is assisting you, we encourage you to keep going. However, you won’t be penalised if you’re unable to keep working. If you want to work on something new, you will be able to claim one other piece of work while your problem is being resolved.

Please be aware that once your task is in Problem Reported status, you cannot launch a tool to continue working on it. If you wish to continue working on your task, make sure your tool is open in a separate tab when you click ‘Report Problem’. If you manage to finish the task before your problem has been resolved by Online Support, make sure the completed document has been attached to the task and leave another comment to let us know the task has been finished.

Once we’ve resolved your problem, Online Support will update the task status to In Progress. Extensions are not always guaranteed. If the task is due for delivery soon, we may need to reassign to another transcriber. Two extensions for one task are generally not granted. If we need to re-assign the task, you will not be paid for any work you may have completed.

To watch a video tutorial about reporting a problem, click here.

Updated on May 28, 2021

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