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What do I do if my task contains no transcribable audio?

Sometimes media is uploaded to Community Portal that does not contain transcribable audio. While the Online Support team makes every effort to cancel orders containing no transcribable audio, you may end up claiming one of these tasks. So, what do you do if you have a task that you cannot transcribe?

Do not attempt to transcribe a task that contains no transcribable audio. Please click Report Problem and Problem Type “Poor Materials” to report a task that does not contain any transcribable audio.

If your task does contain a small amount of transcribable audio, you will need to transcribe it. Please note that we may adjust payment for a task that contains a small amount of transcribable audio.

What is untranscribable audio?

  • Non-English dialogue
  • Music (with or without lyrics) if there is no English speech in the task
  • Indiscernible English dialogue
  • Classroom or background chatter
    • This may include audible but private conversations that are not part of the lecture or lesson
  • Blank audio (silence)
Updated on May 28, 2021

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