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What is the allocation time and how is it calculated?

Each task is allocated an amount of time in which you must complete and submit it. You can view this amount under the Allocation Time column on both the Dashboard and Recorded – Available Tasks page before claiming a task. Remember, once you’ve claimed a task, keep track of the time you have remaining by opening up the task from your Dashboard.

The allocation time is calculated based on the duration of the provided media, the complexity of the task, and the deadline by which the file is due to be delivered to the client. At the top of the task details is a countdown, to help you keep track of the amount of time you have left to complete the task. This countdown begins when you claim a task, so make sure you’re prepared to start work the moment you claim your task.

Once you’ve started work on a task, you can keep track of how much time you have left by checking the task details. You’ll be provided with a due date in your local time once you claim the task. The coloured bar is a visual indicator of your remaining allocated time, divided into sections.

The coloured bar – grace period, work period, submission and amnesty

You may also notice that the amount of time you’re allocated when you click Start is slightly higher than the figure on the dashboard task. Every task is given an extra 15-minute grace period before the allocation time begins, during which you can safely unclaim the task if you change your mind. This is represented by the green section of the coloured bar on your task. The grey section indicates your allocated work time remaining. Once the countdown reaches the grey section, you can no longer unclaim your task without penalty.

The coloured bar showing the grace period, work period, submission window and amnesty period.

After the grey section runs out, the submission window begins (the yellow section). This is when we expect you to submit your output. After the yellow section is exhausted there is a brief amnesty period (the red section), to allow you a bit of extra time in case you’re running behind. However, if you don’t submit your work within this window, the task will move to ‘Problem Reported’ status with reason ‘AllocatedTimeExpired’. If a task reaches this point, it may be considered abandoned and reassigned to another transcriber. You will not be remunerated for a task that has been reassigned.

It is your responsibility and an expectation of all freelance transcribers on Community to ensure tasks are completed within the allocated time set for the task when it is claimed. Extensions can be granted in particular circumstances but are not guaranteed.

Updated on July 7, 2022

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