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Why was my captioner account deactivated?

We don’t take deactivations lightly at Ai-Media. So if your account has been deactivated, it will be for a very good reason. We will always tell you if your account has been made inactive, so check the email you provided us with for a message from Online Support before emailing us.

Reasons we might deactivate your account
  1. We’ve noticed suspicious activity on your account
    This could include changes to your payment details, changes to your name, sharing payment or contact details with another captioner account, a sudden change in your captioning quality, or a change of password. We value your privacy and security, and will not tolerate scam or duplicate accounts. If you believe you’ve been deactivated by mistake, please get in touch with Online Support. We may ask you to confirm some details before your account is made active again.
  2. You’re not meeting our quality standards
    Unfortunately, we can’t keep everyone who wants to caption on board. We have strict standards to maintain, and if your work isn’t meeting these, we’ll have to review your status. We will never deactivate you without sending you feedback about your work first. Make sure you’re keeping track of the feedback emails we send you and addressing any issues we’ve raised. If you aren’t engaging with this feedback, your account will be deactivated.
  3. You’ve asked us to
    Captioning isn’t for everyone! If you want to close your captioner account with us, just get in touch. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we will confirm the deactivation with you via email.

More information on closing your account here.

Updated on September 10, 2020

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